The surname GRANT is of great antiquity in Scotland, but historians do not exactly agree about our origin.  So much so that over the centuries in excess of 10 ancestral publications or texts have been compiled that cite various origins of the Grant ancestry.

This is not taking into account those oral traditions and the extensive list of publications that have told the Grant story using, one or a selected compilation of references to these varied origins.  Since 2007 DNA appears to have vindicated the Seannachies (story tellers) who told of Grant origins from the Viking Stock, so much so that our ancestry in this form is dated from Guthrum born 810AD in (Scandanavian Denmark) died 889AD as Leader of the ‘Summer Army’, King of East Anglia.  The majority of publications readily available on the Grant origins cite Norman heritage, which is now disputed. Despite these differences, what is agreed, is that a precise time cannot be fixed on the Grant settlement in Scotland (Alba/Dal Riata). There exists however incontestable proof from all histories and records, that Grant’s were a powerful family, and have made a considerable contribution in Scotland since 1057.

The Clan Grant Society (Australia) has an aim to cultivate a spirit of friendship amongst the Clan and to help keep them in touch with one another within Australia and across the World.  The Clan Grant Society (Australia) brings us together in the ties of appreciating, exploring and embracing our common ancestry.

All people with the surname of Grant belong to the Clan Grant.