Australian Sport

The Australian Nation is renowned for our love of sport as an entrenched part of the Nation’s culture.  Sport is played across both the professional and amateur levels with Australian’s competing on the world stage ‘punching’ well above our weight when competing against other larger nations for comparative population figures.  We have proudly hosted the 1956 (Melbourne) and 2000 (Sydney) Olympic Games and figure prominently in the Medal count.  We have a growing participation and results presence at the Winter Olympic Games.

We have world famous athletes across World sports such as Tennis with significant success at hosting the First Grand Slam of each year the Asia Pacific Australian Open Championship.  We have a rich Grand Slam and Davis Cup history in the sport with many legends of the game including names such as Rod Laver.  We have had Major winners in Golf, World Champion Boxers, Swimmers, Athletes, Cyclists, Rowers and in Motorsports.  We have as well World Champion teams in Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rugby and Rugby League.

Four Football codes exist in Australia and dominate the sporting landscape three competing across the winter season, having the major participation, fan base and commercial success, while in summer Cricket is considered our ‘National Game’ and Soccer (Football) has a growing National footprint with a new National League and three consecutive World Cup appearances including Brazil 2015, since our first appearance in 1974.

Australians have an amazing level of access to a diversity of sports even across the smallest of communities, which ‘spreads’ the smaller population talent base thinly.  Despite this Grant’s have had considerable success in sporting endeavours and those who have achieved success representing their Nation are profiled.

Olympic rings


Wendy Grant

Wendy Grant

Stephanie Grant

Stephanie Grant

Dylan Grant Olympics

Dylan Grant

Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant

Robert 'Bob' Grant

Robert ‘Bob’ Grant







Andrew Grant London 2012 – Volleyball

Dylan Grant Beijing 2008 – Athletics 4 x 400m Relay

Julene Grant (Sunderland) Los Angeles 1984 – Women’s Hockey

Peter Grant Montreal 1976 – Athletics 4 x 400m Relay

Robert Grant Melbourne 1956 – Athletics Javelin

Stephanie Grant Beijing 2008 – Judo

Wendy Grant (Nicholls) Melbourne 1956 – Gymnastics

Cricketers Cricket Aust

No Grant has reached National representation in Cricket in either form Test, One Day or T20 formats.  They have reached the pinnacle of Domestic representation in the Nation’s Sheffield Shield competition between the States.

Bartholomew Grant (Victoria 1902-1905)

Colin Spicer ‘Hector’ Grant (South Australia 1956-57)

Justin Grant (Victoria XI  -V- English Lions 2013)

John William Grant (Victoria 1964-1969)

Norman Frederick Grant (Queensland 1926-27)

Thomas Christopher Grant (Victoria 1906-07)

Justin Grant

Justin Grant

John Grant

John Grant